Organisational Change Management (OCM)

OCM focuses on the people side of change. Whether the project is facilitating organisational restructures, cultural changes or business process changes, adopting an OCM methodology focuses on the people impacts.

Communication is at the centre of this approach, ensuring that all impacted resource is aware of the rationale for change and has the opportunity to be involved in shaping the future position.

To be successful, key strategies are essential for engaging the people of an organisation:-

  • Clear and agreed destination enabling efforts to be focused on achieving the common goal
  • The destination is clearly endorsed and continually communicated by the leadership team throughout the organisation, promoting the need and support for change
  • Robust training and development plan for all colleagues, determining training needs and timeline for provision of ongoing training
  • Agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) on how the success of the project will be measured and how remedial action will be identified and carried out
  • Defined motivations for securing the support of colleagues throughout the delivery and post implementation of the change, embedding it into the organisation’s framework

OCM enables the project to focus on how the change will be received and mitigates adverse people impacts, increasing the likelihood that the change will be adopted more readily by colleagues.